Water-gen – GENNY Water From Air Home Appliance

Water-gen – GENNY Water From Air Home Appliance (Atmospheric Water Generator)

Water-gen – GENNY Water From Air Home Appliance is a small atmospheric water generator that provides a renewable source of cleanest and freshest drinking water for homes and offices. It requires no infrastructure what so ever but electricity. So, it is indeed a plug and drink solution, that can be installed in minutes anywhere.

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Family Sweet quaBoy Pro II Atmospheric water generator

Family Sweet quaBoy Pro II Atmospheric water generator makes sweetest fresh drinking water from the air. This sweet water generator extracts up to 2 to 5 gallons of purest great tasting drinking water from air humidity. Also, it makes it directly from the air around us which is considered to be the safest water source up to now.

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Atmospheric Water Generator Benefits

Why should I need water making machine/ Atmospheric Water generator (AWG)? Tap water contains very small amounts of heavy metals (like aluminum, mercury and lead). It also contains carcinogenic chemicals such as (industrial chemicals, fluorine, chlorine, and pharmaceutical drugs), agricultural pesticides and pathogenic microorganisms including (fluorine, E. coli, fluorine, and Cryptosporidium). Their levels rarely exceed… Continue reading Atmospheric Water Generator Benefits